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1959 Champlain 350th Anniversary Celebration. New York and Vermont festival year advertisement.

Champlain Anniversary Celebration, 1609-1959. New York and Vermont festival year adverstisement board.

1. Corlear Bay near Port Kent 2. Portion of the rugged western shore 3. A glimpse of the lake from Bluff Point

Explorer Samuel de Champlain at the age of forty and the age of sixty-five.

Top: Champlain's Astrolabe. It is supposed to have been lost by him on his first journey up the Ottawa River in 1633 and was found in 1867.

Top: The Royal Savage, one of Benedict Arnold's ships lost in an encounter with a British fleet off Valcour Island, October 11, 1776.

Recovering the hull of Benedict Arnold's Schooner Revenge from the bottom of Lake Champlain in winter, when the ice made the work easier.

Reproduction of Commodore Thomas MacDounough, U.S.N., the hero of the naval battle of Cumberland Bay, Lake Champlain.
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