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Top: Early graphicof Ethan Allen "The Hero of Fort Ticonderoga."

Replica of a painting by Thomas Cole of the ruins at Fort Ticonderoga.

The ruins of Fort Ticonderoga as they appeared before the work of restoration was begun.

Showig the flags of the United States, England and France floating above the headquarters of the work.

Sketch of the west barracks as the building appears completed.

Sketch of the work as it will appear when completed after a period of about ten years and the expenditure of about $500,000.

Mrs. S.H.P. Pell at whose direction old Fort Ticonderoga was being restored.

Sketch of the Germain redoubt at Fort Ticonderoga restored for Hon. Howland Pell of the New York Commission.

1. Hon. James A. Foley, New York 2. Hon. Howland Pell, New York 3. Hon. William R. Weaver, Peru 4. Hon.John B. Riley, Plattsburgh 5. Hon. Henry Wayland Hill, Buffalo, Secretary 6. Hon. H. Wallace Knapp, Mooers, Chairman 7.Hon. Walter C. Witherbee,…

1. Hon. Walter H. Crockett, St. Albans 2. Rev. John M. Thomas, Middlebury 3. Hon. Horace W. Bailey, Rutland 4. Hon. Lynn M. Hays, Burlington, Secretary 5. Governor George H. Prouty, Newport, Chairman 6. Hon. Frank L. Fish, Vergennes, Treasurer 7.…
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